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  • Judging a Book by Its Cover...

    Although many of these books may hold quality fiction between their covers, some collectors love these paperbacks for their flashy titles and artwork.


    Here is a selection of just some of the thousands of vintage paperbacks available at our store.

  • Graves, I Dig! by Carter Brown

    "When Danny Boyd judges a bathing-suit contest, even murder comes dressed in curves..."


    First Printing, April 1960, Signet Books.


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  • Death Likes it Hot by Edgar Box

    "Hired to raise the social register rating of an ambitious Long Island dowager, slick, charming Peter Sargeant found himself at a posh weekend party where two guests met death, two guests found love, one hostess found money and one luscious blonde met her match..."


    First Printing, July 1955, Signet Books


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  • Those Idiots from Earth by Richard Wilson

    "Be glad you're human... not that it wouldn't be fun to be one of Richard Wilson's visitors from outer space- but the trouble is, no matter how mentally superior, or how gorgeous, or how horrible- you'd never win... not against the wacky, witless, illogical, neurotic, inebriated and (happily) fallible denizens of Earth.."


    First Printing, 1957, Ballantine Books.


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  • The Girl with the Sweet Plump Knees by Thomas B. Dewey

    "She said she needed a bodyguard, and in her shape, I could see why..."


    A classic detective novel about boxing, betrayal and beautiful babes with cover art by Victor Kalin.


    Dell First Edition, 1963.


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  • More Soviet Science Fiction with introduction by Isaac Asimov

    "Tales of tomorrow, as the Russians see it."


    Five tales from Soviet authors that envision of a future of technological marvels and pathogenic micro-organisms. An interesting contrast to American science fiction of the era.


    First Collier Books Edition, 1962


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  • Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine, January 1955

    Port Richmond Books has a large collection of Mystery, Thriller and Science Fiction magazines that cover decades of genre publication.


    Incredible illustrations, articles, stories and photographs are augmented by amusing vintage advertisements and stunning graphic covers.


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